Slippery Russians in St. Petersburg

After a frantic start to my day (that is, waking up), I am sitting in St. Petersburg (not Russia, but Florida) at our friends Tim & Kate, and their new(ish) baby, Isaac Daniel. Getting to Florida was time consuming (it is a little bit of a distance), but generally an uneventful flight. Chris managed to get an upgrade to first class for our flight to Tampa, which is a nice way to travel – even on American. Oddly enough, after joking about our visit possibly generating a hurricane for Florida, Chris informed me this morning that a tropical storm was forming and meant to hit Mobile, AL (in the gulf). Funny, no?

After getting to Tampa, we were collected by Kate and Isaac, and drove down (up) to St. Petersburgh. As we were driving the rain started, and by the time we got to the house it was a torrential downpour. At one point we couldn't see the street ahead. Got to there house, which is actually really nice. It's in a really nice area, lots of trees, and actually quite tropical, which on a rainy day is very pleasant. After a short break at the house, we packed up the kiddo and ventured off to Olive Garden (“Is it me, or does Olive Garden keep getting better?”). Now let me tell you, they have this Mango Peach, Peach something tea – which was freaking unbelievable. It was “sweet” tea, and it was LOADED with sugar infested items. Totally tasty, and got me off my disappointment that they did not have Raspberry Tea.

On the way home, we stopped off at the beach – in St. Pete Beach (a little barrier island somewhere near St. Petersburgh). Great beach, and seemed to go as far as the island did. It has pelicans, and gulls. There were the mandatory photo ops with the child (we were aiming to catch the sunset), and then off home to sit, chat, blog and enjoy a white russian with chocolate vodka (let's call them slippery russians). I'm actually kind of tired with all the travelling, the early morning and the drink, so I don't think I'm going to seeing much more of this day. I'll post some pics with my next entry.