Saturday Round Up

It's been an interesting couple of days down here in St. Pete (as it is known to the locals). Chris and I got here Thursday to the lovely rain storm that was courtesy of TS Arlene. Of course it lasted only until we woke up this morning and the sunshine was streaming through the windows (well the blinds were drawn, but you understand).

Last night Chris, Tim and I ventured to a place called The Lobby in downtown St. Pete. The nice way to describe this place was relaxed and easy. Ask me if you are interested in the not so nice way to describe it. I got to drive home, in a stick (manual), and even if I do say so myself, this too is like riding a bike.

Back to this morning. I got up and continued work on my assignment for class (an insight into American civic values, whatever they might be). At some point I noticed the place was getting a little warmer, and thought that I might be finally aclimatising to the controlled settings of our abode, but then realized that there was something wrong with the A/C unit. Of course, it had to occur when there had been rain for two full days, AND the sun was out to encourage it to make the journey upward. Needless to say, it was muggy (or humid). Calls were made, and Chris and Tim decided they would deal with this situation by going to the beach. I chose to stay home and continue with my assignment, and catch a quick nap. Kate chose (?) to stay at home with baby ID and wait for the bringer of coolness to the house.

I found the clamminess to be all encompassing when I awoke from my nap, and decided that I needed to get up and stand under a fan for a short burst. Kate had been attempting to keep baby ID cool, but you could tell that he was not happy with life right at that moment, so they ventured off to the supermarket for some shopping, and some cooling down. While they were out, I thought I'd try to turn the A/C back on, just to get some air moving around the house, and voila – it worked. I've never been so intrigued by a thermometer before, as I watched each number drop down from 87, to 86 … all the way back down to 75. I understand from the hooting and hollering, that a shrine is to be built in my honor on the site of their homestead.

Chris cooked up some burgers – they were excellent, and enjoyed some time just relaxing with the hosts. Chris and Tim have gone out to a “beach bar” (this is what I think they said, though “beach” and “bitch” do sound very similar). I keep looking at the laptop clock and see that it's only 12:41 AM, but then realize that it's really 1:41 AM (a whole hour later). I chose to stay in with Kate and we just finished watching Kinsey. I have to say it's a very interesting movie, and presented an insight into relationships that was semi-eye opening (Chris O'Donnell's butt was quite nice). Peter Sarsgaard played the love interest of both Mr. and Mrs. Kinsey (briefly), and I was shocked (joke) to see full frontal imagery of him during the movie. For a good review of the life of Dr. Kinsey, check out Wikipedia's entry.