I Still Call Australia…

I chatted to my mother today(she finally tracked me down), and we go to chatting about when I might be visiting her again (a reminder that it has been over five years since I've seen her and any of my family). So I mentioned that in all likelihood, we would be visiting at the end of the year, and hoped to spend both Christmas and NYE in Oz (sorry folks, no EGB NYE party this year – unless Brian decides to host). Anyway, the last few hours including eating dinner (yummy salad with Chicken), and discussing our travel plans – mainly air fare prices.

Of course the reason for posting about this on my blog is that a number of people over the years have said, “next time you head back to Australia, let me know, as I'd/we'd love to go.” Now is your chance 🙂

At this stage we are looking at a window for our travel. At this stage we are thinking of leaving around December 16th. As for the return, I have to be back in town for beginning of Spring 2006 classes at university, so this would mean travelling back by no later than January 14. This is the window.

One of the major reasons, besides seeing my mum and sister, is to renew my student visa so that I can continue my studies. That being said, the departure to Australia may change, if they think it will take longer than ten days to get everything processed (the last time took two days, but this was before September 11, 2001), then that will need to be factored into our (my) travel plans. Obviously more will be posted as it is finalized, and I will be attempting to keep details posted to my website, so trek over there from time to time for updates. (You can even RSS Feed it.)