I woke up this morning, thinking that maybe I should drink more. It was a random thought that crossed my mind, but after a not-so-good night of sleep, I got to thinking. The times that I've had a few drinks, I've slept better. When I don't drink, I don't sleep as well. Now there is no scientific method to my hypothesis, but it just made sense.

Perhaps it was a result of watching Margaret Cho's “I'm the One that I Want“, who knows. An aside about Margaret Cho is her phenomenal work to promote equality for the GLBT community at her loveisloveislove.org website.

Yesterday, I joined Bobby, Ian, , Chris, Layton and Brian (“one of these names is not like the other”) for a day at Hawaiian Falls. It was actually a fun day. Some eye candy which is always a good thing for these types of places, and some quality time with some of my friends. I did think that it might be a bit much for Layton (as the token straight boy in the group) to be surrounded by a gaggle of gays dialoguing on the quality of the male specimen, but he seemed to coped quite nicely, or at least that is what he said.

I am not a huge fan of theme parks, but the admission was not prohibitive, so I decided that I would actually go and be the bag boy, and I would be able to catch up on some reading (I've started Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff) and listen to some Hawaiian themed music. I think I might have overdosed on the music.

I've only started Lamb, but already I'm enjoying the style of Christopher Moore's writing. I like the opening chapter quote: “God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh” (Voltaire). Very true. The book was actually a suggested reading in my Comparative Religion course I took in Fall 2004, and Jonas & Scott were kind enough to acquire this from my amazon wishlist.

We took a break from Hawaiian Falls and ate lunch at a place called Stan's Lakeview. It was actually quite nice, in a local pub kind of way.

After a brieft return to the Falls, we ventured home, took a lay down, and got ready for some dinner with our friend's David and Tom. We ate at Patrizio's in Plano, and it was damn good! The Pude Budimo (?), or Bread and Butter Pudding with Chocolate Chips was a nice end to the meal. David and Tom have recently bought a house together in Richardson, and they are going through the trauma of picking the right furniture for their new home. It was fun to reminise about the time Chris and I were doing that. It would have been interesting to have kept my journal back then, if only to reflect on what was going through our minds at the time.

Well, today is catch up day, and I hope that we can take the boyz to the park for a frollick in the fields later today.