A quiet, relaxing day

Today was a relaxing, QUIET day. It seems that my friends – or those that were at happy hour yesterday – think highly of my ability to drink and get smashed 🙂 Needless to say, I will spare you all the details, except to say that ending the evening with an apple pie, with brandy sauce and cinnamon ice-cream was not smart!

I have been working on upgrading some sites that I maintain, and I have to say that I'm getting pretty sick of it 🙂

My HOA website is something that I maintain for the moment, though I have been updating this to a CMS-style site using Drupal (also used for my site and Chris's site). Also updated, though this was over the weekend, is the Eaglebend Lane website (with very little content right now; always remember to back up stuff before you upgrade!).

Oh and I've discovered a couple of kewl new sites (or ones that I've been reacquainted with) that I've mentioned to people in passing, so here are the links.

Enjoy my pretties.