Thursday, the day after Wednesday

Today was a busy day, but a good one. Started the day off getting ready to attend the SGA Swearing In Ceremony. That occured, and we got our new group sworn in and ready for action (well … sworn in). Ate a pleasant lunch that we had bought in, and then home to change and head to work.

Work was boring. Nuff said.

Left a little early to head down to Del Frisco's for dinner with our friend Gary and Terry (something that we have been planning for in excess of two months it seems). The place was okay (not somewhere I'd return to in a hurry), but the company was extraordinary! I always enjoy catching up with both of these guys, as the conversation goes all over the place – perhaps that is a side effect of the distance between our meet-ups. I can't even begin to think about we didn't talk about 🙂

I've a little headache now (sinus, not alcohol), so I think tonight might be an early night for me. Besides I have to work in the morning *sigh*