Star Wars Cubed

Ian, Chris and I went to see Star Wars tonight. It was a last minute thing, and I kind of suspected that we would not be able to get in, however when we got to the theatre, no lines, and excellent seating. I guess those that needed to, did; and those of us who didn't, no reap the benefits. The theatre was not full at all – yay for us!

The movie itself was good. I was never a Star Wars “fan” so really never bothered remembering everything there was to know about the earlier films, but this “episode” actually pulled a lot of things together. I guess it all clicked into place. What I thought was impressive was that even though this part was made “in the future” (compared to the other episodes), the last part of the movie actually made it “appear” that the technology used “back then” would fit right in.

Anyway, equally exciting was seeing the shorts for some summer movies, that may actually encourage me to be in the theatre more than usual. War of the Worlds appears on June 29, and stars Tom Cruise (it's a Spielberg production). Batman Begins, begins on June 15. All of us were suprised to see a trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe, which starts December 9!