Reality Life Gets Real

It's funny. Each week, we sit around our glowing box watching previously recorded reality TV shows. We try to catch a glimpse inside the lives of the people who are competing for the number one spot. Trying to figure it out before it gets aired is always a fun past-time. Currently, the only reality series that I tend to watch is The Amazing Race. I've enjoyed The Apprentice in the past, but then I think I got too much of the Donald and his hair.

Anyway, the Associated Press recently published a story about life after reality. It provides an insight into what happens when you get eliminated from a race/competition. A small part of me feels some pity for the “losers” but that is far outweighed by the whore qualities that many contestants end up achieving.

Once your show starts airing, one thing is certain: You will be more famous than you ever were before. People will notice you on the street. Some will ask for autographs. Bartenders will smile and tell you, “It’s on the house.” It’ll be awesome.

“We love people stopping us on the street,” says Warren, adding that his favorite part about being a reality TV star is the free booze.

Ahhh … spoken like a true reality TV whore.