Friday Update

This is the first opportunity I've had to catch up on blogs today (it's been one of those days). I always like to see what is happening “out there” with friends, and boyz from around the globe.

Bobby had a nice little practical joke going on earlier today (which I missed), and I have to say with half the other stuff that he has mentioned about life in AA (the other one), I wasn't suprised with most of what he wrote. I'm glad I didn't dump my AA Stock based on that info 🙂

Last night, Chris and I caught up on West Wing. We are down to one episode and the one on Wednesday night was just brilliant. The end scene with CJ just sitting there sent tingles down my spine. I'm not sure what I think of the Santos and Cowboy Bob situation. Politically it would have been a great solution, however I'm going to wait to see where the writers take this. The previous week's episode which focused more on Vinick (Alan Alda's character) was worth the wait to watch. I've always like Alan Alda (even from M*A*S*H days), and was a little sceptical when I first heard he was coming on West Wing (he had a brief stint on E.R. a year or so back, and I wasn't fond of that). He's proven to be a strong character in this season, and of course, we are all being set up to believe that he will be president (which, given last week's episode, I wouldn't object to). Next week may have to be a LIVE viewing of WW.