Dream Sequences

I”ve experienced two dream sequences the past couple of nights. Figured, if I wrote them down, then maybe I'll remember more, or someone will come to the rescue with an interpretation (not that I really believe in that stuff).  It is possible that fresh mountain air, makes me dream – or maybe it was the need for REM sleep after some sleep deprivation.

Dream 1: Dreamt Saturday Night

I am at a party at my ex-bf and his bf's house (I think).  I'm thinking it was a birthday party or something, as Daniel appeared to be the guest of honor.  Anyway, I see Daniel saunter into a room with this very cute guy, and I'm thinking “he's up to his little tricks again” and then I bump into Mark (the bf) in the hallway.  Next thing I know, I'm in a room with Peter (Daniel's first bf), Mark (his current) and myself, and we are meeting to discuss Daniel.  It appears that we were discussing how to save Mark from becoming an ex-bf.  I know that I had a not so good feeling when I “woke up” from this dream.

Dream 2: Dreamt Friday Night

I don't recall much of this dream, but I remember being at an old (not age) friend's house.  Next thing I know I'm travelling along a train track, and I know it has to do with Barbara (the old friend).  (The odd thing about this dream is that I have not had anything to do with Barbara for such a long time, and nothing that I'm aware of could have triggered memories of her, that I'm aware of.)