Camp Update No. 4: Saturday

Well it's raining.

I'll admit the sound of rain seems to be different here. Perhaps its all of the trees outside, but it is extremely relaxing. Today we had our Breakfast of Kings (left over ckicken kebabs, cooked with egg and anything else left over) – Ian did a stellar job at coordinating brekky.

We played games for an hour or two, walked the pooches a little. Chris and Ian went on a scouting trip to find a cabin for our next trip. We thought it would be fun to plan a Fall trip around Halloween, and encourage other friends to join us. Success, and disappointment – the cabin we wanted isn't available until December (note: NO cabins are available – business ia pretty good for OK Parks).

Dinner tonight consisted of burgers mixed with Hot Picante sausage, and they were awesome. Very tasty burgers, even though mine was made fun of due to me putting a fried egg on it – trust me, it adds a huge amount to the actual burger. Hmmm…. Midori margaritas are good.

No table-top dance; more disappointment.