Camp Post 3: Friday PM

After our hike Danny & I visited the local Walmart for some top-ups to our supplies. Walmart Broken Bow is THE place to be. It's like they took a whole store and DUMPED it into a shoebox. Now for those of you who have ventured into a Walmart, you know that organisation is not their strong point — so take that disorganisation, multiply it by four, and you may come close to what we were walking through. Anyway,we got what we needed – plus some extras – and headed back to the cabin.

Dinner was our usually splendid chicken kebabs and baked potatoes, and they WERE GOOD. Decided to toast/roast some marshmallows and build some smores. The campfire version was mediocre at best, so I ventured inside to do 'oven smores' – and again I excelled at creating mediocre smores.

I disappointed the group by failing to do a table-top dance … we'll see what tomorrow brings.