Alcohol should be consumed from pictures, er pitchers

The other day, I made a batch (a pitcher) of Apple Martinis.  I got the simple recipe from our friends Bobby and Ian, and then I enhanced it – as you should always do with a good recipe.  After creating A LOT of this stuff, I decided that it wasn't green enough, so I added Midori (of course food coloring would also have worked, however it's not an appropriate solution).

Anyway, this pitcher (sealed, to keep it fresh) has been tantalizing me in the fridge for the last day, so tonight I taught it a lesson.  One can consume vast quantities of alcohol, and if you mix it with an olive or two, it seems to be relatively harmless.  And to keep it all legitimate, I had a pre-dinner, with-dinner, and post-dinner version of the drink.  One mustn't guzzle one's calories.

On a secondary thought process, I gave Chris his birthday gift early (saved me from wrapping it, hiding it, and waiting to give it to him – which is always harder on me, than him).  I'm sure he'll blog about it, so I'll let him tell you how excited he was with it, and then subsequently how frustrated he may have become trying to patch the firmware.  (Mental note: I need to turn off the support ticket system tonight.)

Spring break has been fun, though today I found out some disturbing news about my graduation.  It seems that they (the college) seems to believe that I need to take Government 1 again to transfer.  So even though I will “walk” in May to get my degrees, I won't technically graduate until I've finished this course (considering a MayMester, but an 8AM is not something I think I can manage).