What happens in Bizarro-land …

These past few days have been, if nothing else, a little bizarre. The SGA (at my college) recently submitted a proposal to the Board of Trustees to amend the discrimination policy for students to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Well the board decided not to put it on the agenda for discussion on Tuesday evening (which was/is their prerogative), and after a discussion with the college president, I was optimistic that the issue was not going to just fade away. Up until this point, it was all okay. Since then, it appears the proverbial sh*t has hit that fan, and we now have a lovely moccha-chocolate splattered color scheme happening.

The MOST frustrating part of all this is that one of the “key players” (self identified it seems) has decided to raise all this baggage from months/years gone-by, and is trying to understand why I don't like her, and why I've been spending “so much time” talking about her the way that I have. Firstly, I don't dislike this person (though I'm certainly heading that way given the recent activities). Secondly, we all know I like to talk, but if I talked about this person as much as they say I have been, then I would not have time to speak about anything else. As I mentioned to this person, “don't take this the wrong way, but you rarely come up in my conversations” (a possible indication of how insignificant this person really is in the greater scheme of things).

Now I'm not one to back away from issues, providing I know what the issue is. In this particular case, I am stumped as to why – all of a sudden – the level of activity around this person has increased so dramatically. Perhaps we have a full moon happening (I'll need to check that out tonight).

I've moaned about egos before on this electronic soapbox, but I have to say that this one (issue, not ego) takes the cake.