Solo President's Day

Well Chris and Brian are travelling this weekend. They both headed over to the UK with Paul to visit Bat and Dunc this weekend, and then spend some time in London. Believe it or not, Chris is actually going to be working on Monday. His company is actually based out of London, so he is dropping in for a conference and to catch up with some colleagues over in that office.

So this weekend is solo for me … which means I”ll probably do a lot of nothing 🙂

Actually I am attending a birthday party/celebration/commiseration (you choose) tomorrow, and I might actually get to see a couple of movies that Chris has already seen (yes, there is one or two) or that he isn't interested in seeing. Who knows.

Just had an interesting chat with a friend of mine who had been catching up on my blog, and looking over some of the blogs I have linked at LJ. He thought it interesting that I had a blog linked to a German guy, as he didn't know I spoke German (I don't). I shared with him the wonders of translation tools (Google has a great tool, and there is always Babelfish), and he then proceeded to explore the wonders of translating sites (note, they aren't perfect, but they get the job done). It was really interesting getting his perspective on what my friends had posted, and it got me thinking about why we post on blogs (actually he asked why).

For me posting is an option to express thoughts and comments about what I notice happening in the world, and with my life. I tend to post mundane posts and reference a lot of articles and stuff on other sites. I don't tend to share personal stuff with the world, as I guess it's not appropriate. There are times when I post reflective thoughts, but I rarely discuss what is really happening with my life — after all, people (suprisingly) read this thing. What I have found – more to be amusing, than anything else – is how others use this tool. Many of my friends are like me and post random thoughts about a lot of nothing, others use it to fuel fires that don't exist (kind of like those lighted logs that you can put in your fireplace, you know it's fake, but you can't help but look at them), while others like to share absolutely everything about their life (and I thank you for these posts!). All of these have their purpose. Some of them are good, others I'm not so sure.

Like I said, it was an interesting chat – and I may look at some blogs a little differently because of it.