"If music be the food of love…"

This is a line from a movie I watched last night, called “Food of Love.”  Starring Kevin Bishop, Juliet Stevenson, Paul Rhys and Allan Corduner, it deals with a young man (Kevin Bishop) dealing with growing up and exploring his sexuality.  It's based on David Leavitt's (Language of the Lost Cranes) book “The Page Turner.”  I enjoyed it.  The lead guy in it (Paul, played by Kevin Bishop) was extremely cute, so that certainly helped.  I thought a couple of scenes with him in it were a little odd (mainly with his relationship with his mother), but I put it down to his being a wanna-be piano diva.  The ending was a little awkward, as it left a few questions unanswered.  Perhaps there was a thought to do a second part, but I'm thinking I'll read the book to see how that goes.