Blog Catchup (Drama, Comedy & Shock)

I have been catching up on blogs today. Just checking to see what some of my friends, acquaintences and general bloggers have been up to during this past week.

Recapping friends and acquaintences, on one we find out that work has been busy, and that they are looking forward to the weekend for some R&R. On another we learn that gifts were exchanged for Valentine's day, and a unique method for locating them was used. In another area of the blog-o-sphere, we read about the drama over people being up front with others, along with concerns over wars on neutral territories.

Over at towleroad, we learn that: Brokeback Mountain (the gay film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger) may be premiering at the Cannes Film Festival; circumcision may prevent HIV; George Michael says good-bye to pop music; Maya Keyes comes out, and Andy disagrees with Dan Savage (yay! I agree with Andy's comments).

Over at reality blurred, we get the heads up on a marathon of Project Runway this Saturday (from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, the network will air all 10 episodes).