Amazing Race Woes

Well after sitting through the two-hour finale of The Amazing Race, both Chris and I were disappointed that Kris and Jon didn't win (*sigh*). Instead, the “they just keep on breeding” Kendra and Freddy took the first place (can you tell I'm disappointed?).

For the second half of the race, I thought that they were the going to loose as they were just horrible people (more Kendra than Freddy). Her comments about some of the countries they visited were what I would have considered to be the “typical” American, before I lived here. Now I realize that it's just a small bunch of narrow-minded individuals, and we happened to see that through Kendra.

Now I understand that we are just seeing what CBS thinks is going to be good television (think Jonathan and Victoria), but if a person wasn't “like that” then they would “say that” – and she did.

And guess what? The Amazing Race 7 is already being promoted (starts March 1). I guess we really can't get enough of the reality show genre. The new show will have a gay male coupleLynn and Alex, and according to their CBS biography “An additional motivation for Lynn’s participation in the Race is to possibly get married in Amsterdam.”

Also on the show is a couple – Ron and Kelly – where Ron lists his occupation as a “Former Iraq War POW”, though he currently is a student. And Kelly? She is a former Miss South Carolina (2002). Other notable competitors in the new race is a mother and son combination (he's gay too), a couple of female only teams (1, 2), brothers, a retired couple, and others. We'll see how things turn out with this one.