Who is Ed Deluzain?

It's a question that anyone of us may find ourselves asking, though we may not realize the need to ask the question until you get a comment posted in your blog. It turns out that I don't know Ed, the late night web hopping done by the boy who plays loud music (ie. Chris), does, and he recently discovered his blog (yes, another one). Of course, this doesn't answer the question originally posed. Well I'm not able to do Ed justice, so you should review his blog to find out more about what life is like for this retired educator living in Panama City. The short answer though is he is an english (the American style) teacher that Chris had a class (year?) with when he attended high school down in Panama City (that boy gets around).

I have to say that I've actually enjoyed reading his blog (not that I've gone through it all), however I did find the link to the house pictures that share a very similar color-scheme to one of the rooms in our house – so I feel like we are best of friends already. (Of course the new owners – of the house where the pictures were taken – are not responsible for the color scheme, for that we need to thank the two gay men who previously owned the house.)