Reality TV Catch Ups

I'm just catching up on the 2004 review over at reality blurred (a reality TV weblog). An excerpt from the site:

This year, it also had inspirational cast members (Charla!) and a belligerent, abusive dick of a husband (Jonathan). That took it from an all-time high to an unexpected low in just about two months time. This, plus the stunt casting, and failure of the show to make its contestants take responsibility for their actions, combine and make the show come dangerously close to turning from a guilty pleasure into a guilty displeasure. Phil and company: It's time to Philimenate the dumbing down of our favorite show. Don't make us hate you.

I read the article that was referenced above on the MSNBC site aobut Jonathan and Victoria, and I have to say that I agree with the writer – his actions are a form of domestic violence (remember, it's not just physical). Perhaps we need to remind television producers that they are responsible for their shows. I only hope that Victoria takes the next step and dumps his butt in the gutter where it belongs.