Possession is nine-tenths of the law

I never actually realized that this could apply to people, but in the last couple of weeks, I've come to realize that I actually know some people that have this driving need to possess someone. I should clarify that this is not in the “it's mine, you can't have it, touch it, see it or lick it” way, but more in the “I get my feelings hurt if you should do something with these people and I don't know about it” kind of way. It's odd to me.

Over the years, I have developed a lot of friendships, and I have been quite open about the “ownership” of these friends with people that I've introduced my friends to. If friend X happens to be introduced to friend Y through me, and friend X and friend Y go out sometime for coffee or dinner, and have a fabulous time, then that is fantastic! It's what connections are all about. But recently, I find that friend X has an expectation that if friend Y is invited to do something with me, then friend X should be included. No-one should be compelled to spend time with anyone.

I didn't think it bothered me, but it does. The odd thing (to me) is that I don't understand why there is a need to do this. The odder thing, is that it's so obvious to so many people that it becomes – at times – very awkward, which is not a position that I like to be in.

I think I'm just getting old, or maybe that is why I'm liking the life of a hermit 🙂