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I had my first Geology Lab tonight. I thought I'd walked into the class late (even though I was there at 6:58PM), as it appeared the instructor had been talking for hours, but “he'd just started” according to one of my table partners. Anyway, we identified types of minerals tonight. Not in the way that we had to say “this is quartz”, but more is it metallic/non-metallic (luster), etc. In and out in a hour, so I was very happy with the way that worked out.

After, I got home, played some X-Box online (I'm finally moving into the real games, rather than stumbling around in the training section). All I can say is that I need to find more people on there who I can team up with, as if you are the only one out of a team of friends, you have no hope of survival (Rumble Pit is the area where eight players are all playing against one another). Just as I was getting a few kills under my belt, we get the call to go to dinner.

Meet up with Bobby and Ian tonight at Gloria's. I tried there Chamichunga (sp?) and it was good for most of it (then I started to feel queazy from the stuff it was cooked in, I guess – too much of a good thing). Bobby and Ian had attended their HOA meeting, so we were chatting about their HOA versus mine. It seems there HOA is much larger, and appears to present an almost impossible task to change anything given the size. It was nice to catch up and just relax.