I got this email, and I just had to post it. This is funny (to me), especially the bill to bury books 🙂

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2005 Republican ‘Fire Oaths’
January 27, 2005

Arkansas Rep. Roy Ragland (R-Marshall) hasn’t said what he’d do with existing Arkansas school textbooks that don’t explicitly define marriage as being between a man and a woman. His recent bill in the Arkansas House of Representatives to require textbooks to reflect the state’s constitutional definition of marriage failed, but maybe Ragland can adopt Alabama Rep. Gerald Allen’s (R-Cottondale) proposal to bury them.

HB1136 would require that public school textbooks containing a definition of marriage do so “only as a relationship between one man and one woman.” It also requires that textbooks be barred from “any definition of marriage that is contrary to the definition of marriage in the Arkansas Constitution.” [Bill Defining Marriage in Textbooks Stumbles – Arkansas Democrat – 01-25-05]

In the spirit of Republicans and their party’s evangelical base seeking to cleanse society of references to gays and lesbians across the country, I’ve re-written a few Nazi Fire Oaths they can all chant as they purge American culture of the plague of homosexuality.

Fire Oaths were written by the German Student Association for Germans to chant as they tossed offending works into the fires of Nazi book burnings. Following each chant, Nazi sympathizers would say the name of the works that brought shame on Germany’s purity and morality.


1) AGAINST: decadence and moral decay
FOR: discipline and decency in family and state
TO BE BURNED: SpongeBob SquarePants

2) AGAINST: equal marriage rights
FOR: defending the sanctity of marriage from homosexuals
TO BE BURNED: The United States Constitution

3) AGAINST: exposing American children to alternative lifestyles
FOR: portraying strong families with one mother and one father only
TO BE BURNED: Bert and Ernie, Tinky Winky, Buster the Bunny Rabbit