This morning I drove a friend of mine to have his wisdom teeth (or two of them) extracted. It was a last minute thing, and organized late last night, so the idea of getting up at 7AM this morning was not something I had planned on.

Needless to say as I was sitting in the waiting room for his procedure, I was in dire need of coffee — sidetrack: coffee is one of those things that makes my day begin, but doesn't really get in the way of my day ending. Anyway, I asked the reception-wench if it was okay if I just duck out. “NO!” was the reply, followed by a “I'm sorry.” It appears that the form that my friend signed to have this procedure done dictacted that someone must remain on the premisese during the procedure. I'll say that I was slightly taken aback from this, mainly as it stood in the way between myself and my caramel macchiato. Now I understand the idea of having someone onsite should something happen, but even if something did happen, I was going to be as useful as tits (should these be teats?) on a bull (this was later proven when I was asked if I knew the number of his pharmacist, and I blankly stared at her and advised I was merely a driver). In hindsight, I should have got my phone out and do a Karen Walker (“which partciular drug do you need?”). The problem was that my phone was in my car, and I wasn't able to get it.

On a positive note, my friend successfully came out of his anaesthetic, and was able to be taken home to his Vicodin. I think he will have a much better life with this done, though he has two remaining, and will plan on getting those out in the future I am certain. On a very positive note, I was reunited with my coffee supplier, and enjoyed a hot macchiato on my way to college. On a less than positive note, I'm tired.