Have you ever had one of those moments when you know you should have done something, and completely forgot? Well this was me on NYE when I forgot to snap any pictures from our party. Sadly this is not the first time, and I'm sure it will not be the last time. Regardless, a good time was had, and there is no recriminating evidence to prove otherwise.

There is one side benefit to having a party, which is the fact that our house appears to be neat and in order. I guess if I wasn't so involved in things, I wouldn't collect as much junk, and thereby the house would be less cluttered. Perhaps this is hereditary after all.

This past weekend has been one of just relaxing and de-holidaying the house. We got the inside nearly back to normal, however because of the rain, the outside lighting will have to wait for a dryer spell before they get removed. I've probably been playing too much Halo 2, but it's been very relaxing … well as relaxing as decimating a bunch of alien life forms can be.

I've not done any preparation for the new year, apart from finalizing my selections for my spring semester classes. Sad, huh? I'm just not feeling like it's time to start the new year. I guess I need to get out of this 'blah' life-mode. There is talk of a trip to Australia later in the year, but I'll get excited about that when I'm heading back to the US.