Weekend Recap

I'm trying to determine if I have an eventful life or not, so figured I should recap what I did over the weekend, given that I was remiss in blogging during the time it was happening.

Friday — After a rather productive day at the office (refer earlier posts), I got home and realized that I was in dire need of a haircut – so off I went and got that done. I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the result, but it's manageable and shorter. I didn't go to the FriscoPride coffee event as I wasn't feeling totally 100%. Grabbed a bit to eat with Paul, Brian and Chris at Terillis (very yummy), and then headed over to the Cru Wine Bar in Plano. It was my first time there, and I have to say it was very pleasant, and something I'm glad we have easy access to.

Saturday — It was only two days ago, but I'm having difficulty remembering what I did. I think I actually just played with Picasa (a digi-pics organizing tool, and more).  It went through everything, and I've found images that I forgot I have — yes, even those embarassing ones from years gone by.  I was just reading their site again, and saw that if you use Picasa and blog (who doesn't now-a-days?), then you can download a tool to instantly insert images into your blog direct from Picasa (linky poo).

Saturday evening Chris and I ventured over to his boss's house for their annual holiday party.  I thought I wrote about it last year, but in reviewing my entries for December 2003 I couldn't find it.  Anyway, they go all out in their dinner.  I think there are 6-7 courses, and each one is delicious, if not a little (er, lot) rich. We started off with appertifs; pate and bread; salad (cesar with yummy croutons); main course was Turducken (a chicken cooked inside a duck, which is cooked inside a Turkey); cheese platter; chocolate/vanilla log; digestifs and coffee. 

We also enjoyed a Christmas Swap (sort of like a white elephant, but different).  Each person bought a gift, and then each is given a number.  The person with number one goes and selects a gift (random), and opens it.  Next, the person who has number two, can decide to take the gift that number 1 has, or select a new gift (if they take the gift, the first person then selects another random gift).  Once there are a couple of gifts “out” it can get interesting, as you can have gifts being “stolen” from people all over the place. The margarita package (tequila, mix, glasses in a cute basket) was passed around A LOT.  At the end of the evening we ended up with Cranium (Turbo) and a water feature (indoor).

Sunday — Woke up with a sore throat.  Continued my work on sorting through my images and organizing my digital pictures.  I didn't realize I had so many.  Chatted online, and then Chris wanted to go get some holiday shopping done, so we did that.  I had planned to get an early night, but ended up clicking through the web and found lots of kewl little tools that I could use one day.  The bad news is that I think I have a cold.