Home Again

The feeling of walking into your own home after being away a few days is so nice.  We unpacked the pooches (they are SO tired), and then unpacked our stash from the weekend.  It was nice to check email without having to wait for an eternity for something to download.  I've often said to Chris that it would be nice to live somewhere like where his parents lived, as long as we had all the facilities that we needed (or more importantly, wanted).

When we finally settled down, we exchanged some gifts with Brian.  I got meself a thumb drive – yay! Both of us were tired, so we took the lead of the pooches and had a nap.  We have now just finished something to nibble on.  I've got to download some pics from the camera, and then I'm thinking I may go play some Halo 2.

I'm IM'ing with my friend Jeff, and he was telling me that a friend of his (whom we know) was in Thailand when the tsunami hit (the effect of the earthquake in Indonesia).  He's concerned as the area that was hit the hardest was the area that he was visiting.  Just checked CNN and they are reporting 11,000 dead across Asia (about 450 in Thailand from reports). I'm hoping that everything is going to be fine, and he'll hear from Gordon soon.