Holiday Scrap Paper

It seems that after gifts are open, there is a lot of scrap holiday paper lying about.  Anyway, it's a small price for the enjoyment of what is inside the paper.  We were fortunate to celebrate the holiday gift giving a little earlier this year with Bobby and Ian last night. They ventured over in the balmy 50-something degrees to share a drink and contribute to the scrap holiday paper pile.  The boys were very clever this year, and must have been eaves-dropping into my thoughts from the weekend.  I had only been thinking about getting more picture frames (for the wall), and lo and behold, now we have some.  AND – most importanly – they came with pre-filled (inserted) pictures 🙂  If you haven't cyber-hopped over the Karshner Triplets web page, you will have missed what we now can admire on our walls.

Today, Brian S. dropped over and suprised us (that is, we hadn't wrapped his gift).  He liked his gift (thankfully) and was heading home to use them with his mocha and Bailey concotion.