The neighbors had a nice little holiday event last night. It was good to catch up with some of the neighbors that you keep passing in the street. I think when I've finished my stint on the HOA Board, that I'm going to encourage more street events — they always seem fun.

Afterwards, Chris and I started to catch up on our week's viewings of TV programs.

West Wing — the closing scene sent jitters down my spine. I was like, WOW! It gives me hope that the writers are building a plan to continue the show after “Jeb Bartlett's” term ends. I was sorry to see Donna leave, and have to say that I'm still a little confused (was this deliberate on the part of the writers) … I'm sure it will all be explained (I'm guessing it has to do with her decision to do some interviews that would make her bunches of dollars from her surviving the blast at the end of the last season).

The Apprentice — Three Hours! Jeez! I was glad that Kelly won, but I think it would have been better to have done this in two hours. I was suprised that given all the hype over whether Chris Webber was meant to do the show, that this was still aired. Perhaps it was a publicity thing. Shrug. I think Jennifer M.'s downfall was her attack-mode. I was amused when her boss (attorney) said it would be a shame to loose her, but he wouldn't stop her from going. Read: I can't wait to get rid of her (theory… not truth).