Weekend Recap

A beautiful shirt, a lousy dinner, a wire that connects everything, and an orange room.

Friday night I headed to coffee with Brian and enjoyed some time just chatting about men and the facts of life (all lives).  After that, we headed down to Cuba Libre for dinner to celebrate Jonas' birthday.  Chris was responsible for the present, and he got a beautiful shirt (very envious of the look), and I think Jonas really liked it – it was very nice!  Unlike the dinner.  I've not been a huge fan of this place ever, and I think the lack of appetizers, the messed up order for Chris dinner and the general incompetence of our waitperson may have done the trick.  Of course, the manager came by and comp'd stuff, which makes it harder to keep this listed as a bad experience, but it will leave a sting for a while I'm sure.

Yesterday, I started to update our “bridge” computer box.  It's a computer that just connects our two networks together (so we can access our email, etc).  Figured, it might be time to go with a crossover wire instead, which does the same thing, and leaves me with a box to play with.  Chris decided that he was going to paint his office, so he was browsed through all the colors and styles, and after some hard thought made up his mind.  He has settled on an orange color (not something that I would choose, but it's his office).

On a lighter note, Damir headed over last night and we played X-Box (he is the happy new owner of one), and we played tennis. It was a lot of fun!  I beat him (of course) … I didn't realize I could be so competitive at times.  While we were doing that, Chris continued to paint his office.  It's different.  He was going to do a sponging effect on it, but I think he really likes just the base color.  Not sure what his plans are for the moment.

We also ended up watching Connie and Carla which I thought was a great movie 🙂  Fabulous wigs!

Today, I managed to get the linux box installed and now I just have to figure out the whole firewall thing.  Oh well, it never ends, but then nor does the learning.  I did manage to get the computer back into the server space, and reconnected the two networks again (yay, nice to access email through Outlook again).

We were meant to go to a movie today, but that didn't happen.  So I went and bought my planner for next year and started to up that while Chris was at work.

This weekend has been a bit about Cirque de Soleil (it's been on Bravo all weekend).  It's encouraged me to get back into home exercise. 

Now I'm tired, so I think I'll be doing an early night today.