Potential Holiday Gifts

Well as that time of year moves toward us at a quick pace, I thought I would post some links to those ultimate gifts for those ultimate friends.

Trash Talkin' Turleen – Sexy and sassy, our good neighbor Trash Talkin' Turleen is here to brighten your day. Touch her tummy and this battery-operated wonder will enlighten you with her words of white trash wisdom.

Gayopoly – it was only time!

Tag  Eriksson Calendar – the Reichen calendar is already sold out, so we'll have to make do with this other cutie.

The Payback of the Christ – the much anticipated sequel to The Passion of the Christ bought you by Betty Bowers Productions.

Aneros Plug – a decorative ornament for the christmas tree.

Blue Beads – another christmas tree ornament (blue).

The Ultimate USB Device – click, you'll understand.