Week in Review

Saturday, October 9:
Attended the Immigration Equality meeting today, and was appointed the Communications Coordinator.  This was after a review of the organizational structure and an agreement that we needed to split up the role of the co-chairs to manageable tasks.  First job is a review of the website.

Also met up with Jason, this guy that I've been chatting too for a while online.  Really nice guy.  We chatted about home renovations (he is doing his) and the current political climate in the US.  Does it help that he is cute as well, or is that just being shallow 🙂

Monday, October 11:
National Coming Out Day.  Hmmm… I didn't come out to anyone new … is there no-one left?

Tuesday, October 12:
Comaparitive Religion was a good class tonight.  We are finalizing our lives as Buddhists, and we talked about death during this class. One of the more slightly annoying people in the class was in a lull today  …  it is amazing how much of a difference that makes.

Wednesday, October 13:
Worked, and then had an SGA Executive meeting. The third presidential debate was on, and I hung around into the evening as the college was putting on a Debate Watch 2004 event for this one. Over 500 people turned up … pretty impressive.  I didn't really watch much of the debate as I was chatting with people about their views and trying to understand how people think the way they do.  We have a lot of conservative views in the SGA which shouldn't suprise me, but kind of does.

Thursday, October 14:
I blew today off.  Drove Brian to the airport then came home and finished a paper that was due today.  I had an exam in Ethics that I missed, but thankfully my professor put it in the testing center that evening, so I was still able to do that.  Had a HOA Board meeting tonight as well.

Friday, October 15:
I didn't sleep well at all last night, so I was not in full operation for most of the day.  Worked until just before 2 and then had a Student Activity Fee Committee meeting which went to just past five.  Joined Bobby, Ian, Chris and Brian for dinner at Samui (Pad Thai, “yum”) and then I headed up to coffee, which Bobby and Chris went to a haunted house.

And there you have it.  My life in a week.