Class Notes

What an amazing class tonight!  We started our discussion with a question on homosexuality, and why “we” thought it was wrong (as in, with what authority is it stated that being gay is a sin).  It was interesting to hear the opinions on nature -vs- nurture, and how being gay is a choice, not something you are born with.  I argued that all sexuality is a choice, especially after it was acknowledged that “even if someone is born gay, they should choose to be straight” (yes, I was in my element in this group.

Interestingly, the professor made the statement that no-where in the bible does God or Jesus claim homosexuality is a sin, and I made the point that if it were TRULY a sin, then it would have been a commandment – like adultery, stealing, murder, etc.  I got a few approving nods with this assertion.  One student got all irritated about the discussion (remember, we all remember things differently – so he may not have been as irritated as I remember).  I think he was more offended about the topic.  He was good at quoting scripture, especially from Leviticus.  I remembered that letter to Dr. Laura that describes all the other sins listed in Leviticus (for those of you with memories, may remember I once paid (mocking) homage to Dr. Laura as Dr. Aural).  The prof. read this in class.  It was funny, at least to me.

The class was meant to be on Judaism, which we discussed in parts, primarily the afterlife as seen by Jews, however we did spent a huge amount of time discussing gays and the bible. A couple of interesting references were made to books “worth a read” during the class:

A Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood
Amazon Link
About what happens when government becomes a theocracy.

The Plot Against America : A Novel, by Philip Roth
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About what happens if Hitler had won the war, and if Lindbergh defeated FDR for President.