Mitigation what?

Today many of the HOA board met with our new Project Manager from the US Corps of Engineers.  The meeting went very well, and I think we got a lot achieved through the discussions that we had, and the stroll around our creek.  One of the key questions that needed to be answered was, and I think most of the members of the board have a better understanding of what is required under our mitigation permit.  Of course, there are still some areas that need to be ironed out, but we now have a plan.

The difficulty is going to be convincing some members of our community that we are required to implement something that is required by law, that may not be what they want.  Frankly, my views on this insular thinking have not changed since the first time I heard the comments from members of our community.

The meeting was meant to go for about an hour and ended up being almost 2.5 hours.  All was worth it, and to make matters even better, I got some sun-color.