Il Bastardo Didn't Win!

Not that I'm upset with this, as I didn't bring this particular wine, but who comes up with these names, and then expects them to win at a wine tasting?

What wine tasting? I hear you ask.  The third annual wine tasting  hosted by The Colony's finest, Bobby & Ian.  It's only the most talked about event held each year, and is one of the annual features on the hit series Cops (better than any HGTV special).

Over 24 bottles of wines were entered into the competition, a mean feat given that there were only six of us … seriously, there was about 30 or so people present.  Naturally the selection of reds was greater than the whites – go figure.  While the competition is tough, the main purpose of the evening is to socialize and watch others consume vast quantities of alcohol.  In customary fashion, this purpose was truly met.

Oh, I got to finally meet in person!