I got my hair cut!

Yes, you read right.  I got my hair cut!  The painful part was that the person who cut my hair took SO long!  I mean it's like she handled every single hair that was on my head, made sure it was feeling okay before she snipped, and then apologized for cutting.  It seemed to take forever.  The end result – it's manageable, and I don't look like witchie-poo when I wake up.

Tonight I've just spent time looking around at sites, especially online profile sites.  There are some cute looking people out there, spilling their heart out to anyone and everyone … oh wait….

Needless to say there is an element of online profiles that suggest that posting an ad means you want to hook up … as in right NOW.  Of course, this is not only impossible, but very impractical as well.

I did help out Damir today.  He needed a ride to collect his friend's truck, after buying a new car this week.  Re: car – very nice burgundy color.  Re: friend – apparantly (and I'm not one to talk), he was hung and thick. 

I think tomorrow that I suggest that we get out of the house and watch a movie.