Empty Houses

Well Andy left today.  The house is going to be empty without him.  It's kind of fun to just chat with him, and get his view on things, in his Alabama way of thinking.  I hope it is not as long between visits. Chris keeps suggesting we drive down that way one day, and I think we may have to do that over one of the holidays, or next spring break.

Anyway, besides Andy leaving, it was a fairly busy day for me.  Had to head over the the Spring Creek Campus for a meeting with teh SGA after I dropped Andy at the airport.  Stayed there for a few hours, and then headed back home.  I've been so tired lately, and I've just been collapsing for a mini-lay down most afternoons. I think it is the weather or the air (read, pollution/crap).  I've had this neck ache for almost two weeks now… so I”m starting to get a little worried.  I need to find a good masseur who is good with his hands on my neck and back.

I've got to get my hair cut one day soon.  This mop is getting incredibly blah!