Do Hindus Die?

Well in comparative relgion tonight we discussed the death of Hindus.  It was quite eye opening, especially the discussions surround the whole issue of religion.  I'm certain many of my fellow classmates do not check their biases at the door, as some of the question they ask are really … well … inappropriate (though it is a class where there are no inappropriate questions).

Anyway, we were discussing the death of Hindus, and their belief that they will continue to be “recycled” until they reach Moksha, which is the same as being removed from the cycle.  I tend to think of this as being obliterated, however our professor reminds us that no “soul” is connected to an individual, so it's not quite as easy to suggest obliteration.

We got our essay questions for this class tonight … sigh.  I guess I'll drag my heels in writing this.