GOP Diversity

The GOP is putting all their energies into their convention this week, and I have to say that I'm looking forward to watching some of the choice parts on C-SPAN.  One of the interesting pages on teh GOP convention site is their diversity page.  Obviously, this is something that the GOP want to highlight as much as possible. 

One of the charts that the GOP present is titled “Percentage Increase Of Ethnically Diverse Delegates between the 2000-2004 National Conventions.”

Notice the huge “difference” in the GOP figures and the Democrat figures?  Now try and find out what those figures actually are.  I'll give you a clue. Scroll down on the page a little, and look at the figure titled “Percentage of minorities present…” and then look at the table below it.  See the big jump in non-white membership, and then look that this was a 70% increase.  Pretty impressive, no?  What this is saying is that their white membership at the conference will be 83%.  I'd be able to interpret these more if my statistics class hadn't been cancelled 🙂