Blissfully Contended

After a slow, s-l-o-w day, where my office floor is now a little more visible, and there are more clothes on the dining room table, we had an extremely pleasant evening with our friends Bobby and Ian. 

Ian watches the Food Network. Need I say anything more?  Every time we visit for dinner, he has found a new recipe which we always (well, mostly) contend that it is so much better than the last new recipe he dallied with.  Tonight was no exception, and it was a good find – the Lemon Drop martini.  Now I'm not a fan of the Lemon Drop … far too bitter for my sweet personality, however this was GOOD.  Of course he swore that he would take the recipe to his grave, so tomorrow we are off looking at plots in nearby propper … Monday we look at headstones … so Tuesday I should be sipping these delectable cocktail. 

Not to outdo himself, we sat down to a very thinning and healthy version of pasta with a five cheese sauce, complimented with a fresh green salad made with a non-vinegar, vinagarette dressing (the secret is to use lemon).  It was kind of a lemon theme going on.  For dessert, a piece of pudding in a small dish with red dribbly bit surrounding it … did I say the lemon drops were good?  Actually I only had one, but followed it up with a couple of these iced teas from Long Island.  My southern friends tell me the north don't know how to do iced tea, but I disagree.

Actually the evening was complete with very pleasant chatter about all the imporant things in teh world (like each other's blogs), and how we are all excited about the forthcoming RNC this week (well I might be lying about that last bit, or the lemon drops were kicking in at this point).

For those that read blogs you've seen this before, but we are very fortunate to have such great friends in our life.  I don't think I say that publicly enough (as I search for the private button on my posting window). Seriously, long lasting friendships is what makes life here so great, and I'm reminded of how lucky I am each time I spend quality time with “the boyz.”