I had a crazy thought today.  With at least 11 states considering ballot initiatives for constitutional amendments (to their state constitutions) on the same day as the general election (most pundits believe this was deliberate to encourage conservative voters to hit the ballot for the general election, and while you are there…), why not just lay down and not oppose the ballot initiatives?  If we actively oppose these, then it's likely the conservate troops will be organized to come out (not in a good way) on election day.  If not, then what's their to vote for?

My personal view is that it doesn't matter.  We have to look at the bigger picture, and then start our process again of little steps to create change.  The bigger picture is not to defeat these iniatives, it's to ensure that there is a change in Washington – whether it be in the White House or the Congress.

FYI, for an interesting overview of the current “state” of same-sex marriage issues from around the country, check out this Stateline Article.