Burgers and Barack

Well what a great evening. 

Bobby called earlier. Ian was having problems with one of his tires on his car, and they had decided to try and get it fixed at the tire fixing place.  They were in need of a lift, so I told him a joke, however then he said, actually could you pick us up.  Who knew that lift meant ride *smirk*

Anyway, asked them over for din din and they gleefully accepted — well it's difficult to turn down a dinner invitation when you are trapped inside a vehicle, especially after they had just been saved (and on a Sunday too).  Added to the list Brian, Jonas & Scott, and Damir.  Ate hamburgers … one day I'll do something more creative, but it will have to be equally easy to prepare and just as tasty!  Ian whipped up this delicious custard-like item to go with the strawberries.  He is so clever in the kitchen!

Jonas has been working on a DVD of our trip to Key West, which he bought up with him.  It was excellent.  I was very suprised that he did it on a Mac … another convert perhaps?  Great music choices, and bought back lots of memories.  Was it only six weeks ago??!!? 

Watched Barack Obama's speech he gave to the DNCC again tonight.  It's still amazing!

It was fun evening, and I was glad to have spent this with my friends.  It's time like tonight that I feel very lucky.