"Some people say…"

Watched the OutFoxed! DVD this evening.  Like F.9/11 it shares a lot of insight into the way Fox does business, and the bias that exists with their reporting.  A lot of the focus is on the tag-line “Fair and Balanced” which throughout the movie is disproved many times.  One of the areas of concern is the distorted view that Fox viewers have of the world.  One survey asks if the US had proof that Iraq had WMD's and the Fox News viewers reported a huge 67% (or somthing) and NPR/Public Radio viewers were down around 5% (I might have got some of these wrong, but it was that obvious

Another part of the show that is quite interesting is when you hear some of the phrases that are used on Fox very frequently, however you don't realize how often they are used until they are all put together. 

“Some people say…”