Reviewing Blogs

Today is one of those quiet days … you know the type where it  just d-r-a-g-s on?

Anyway to fill my time, I've been looking at blogs online (mainly dealing with the DNC Convention).  Thought I would list a couple here, in case anyone else is interested in these.

First there is Wonkette, which provides a lot of inside news from within Washington, DC; though they are focusing on what is happening in Boston a lot (which is good), due to the DNC convention.

Another blog that is worth a read is Susan's Diary (hosted on dKos).  She is one of the many bloggers that are attending the convention, and she is representing her small newspaper.  She has a lot of inciteful comments about what is happening, and I have to say that based on what I've read so far, it's mostly non-partisan.

Speaking of bloggers at the DNC convention, the Wall Street Journal recently did an article on the DNC Bloggers (“Meet the Bloggers“) which provides a profile of the many bloggers that are attending the convention, as well as a great list of links to those sites.

The “golden” child of the DNC convention seems to be Barack Obama, who is running as Senator for Illinois.  He will be giving the keynote speech to the DNC convention tonight.  He is a blogger, and is keeping his fans updated mainly through his blog.  Our friends over at Wonkette recently published a picture of Obama with his Blackberry; just another one of the many wired candidates of 2004.

I'm sure there are many others “out there” that are posting, and if you have any good ones, be sure to let me know.