Protecting What?

Well today the House voted to pass the Marriage Protection Act (HB3313). At first prior to the quorum call it lost, but then some smart Republican “noted” the quorum, and a roll call (electronic) vote was called.  Naturally it passed, and now it journies across to the Senate for consideration.  One of the opponents of the bill today stated that it was unconstitutional.  It's not, and I think it's a long stretch to say it is.  Another opponent, stated that while the constitution allows Congress to make a law that HB3313 woudl make, it shouldn't.  He raised some great points in relation to what would have happened if the Congress had done something similar in relation to race relations in the '50s, or in relation to inter-racial marriage in the late '60s. I thought it was a good point.

Meanwhile, the 9/11 Commission released it's report today.  Most people are suggesting that all the other stuff that is happening in Congress is to divert the attention of this report.  Perhaps it's true.  I need to start reading it.