Enjoy Life While You Can

Today I learnt that a friend of mine has been diagnosed with Leukemia.  Not sure of the details, but the name is enough to send shivers down the spine.  I remember growing up in the hospitals visiting my sister as she was going through all her chemotherapy and various treatmets.. she was often in the same ward as other cancer patients, and leukemia was a common diagnosis that I saw.  I guess something like this always puts your life in perspective.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own worlds, and our own problems and get to a point where we think “it's not good” and then something like this happens.  Life is so short sometimes, we need to spend more time enjoying life's joys.  I guess it's a cosmic slap in the face

Chris and I will be visiting him tomorrow, along with a couple of other friends, but I'm never convinced that is enough.