Only as Old as the Men You Feel

Well today I got officially older, and what better way to spend the day that wandering around Key West, Florida, enjoying a fantastic day in paradise 🙂  Chris decided that it would be great to get a group of friends together to go to Key West, and has been organizing this for a couple of months now.  We have four others here with us, so six in total, which is great, as this enabled us to get a house, rather than rooms at an inn.  I love the inns here, but having a kitchen, laundry and our “own space” has really made this trip more special than the others.  Does that sound too domesticated? 

Jonas has never been to Key West before, so today was his day for photos and highlights of the area.  I think we will try and get him to a beach and perhaps out on the water this trip.  Not sure if Bobby and Ian have ever left the land either, so I think some kind of snorkeling trip or the like is in the planning.  The beauty of this trip is that it's all being done as the trip happens.  No major planning, just ideas of what we want to do while we are here, but nothing concrete.

Tonight we are heading to the “Bicycle Drive In” at the Atlantic Shores hotel.  They project a movie onto the side of a building in their car parking area, and we will be sitting on chaise lounges and sipping cool drinks, while munching popcorn.  Or some of us will be 🙂  They are meant to be showing “50 First Dates” which I guess is okay – its the experience I'm after, not the movie.