Movie Catch Up

I finally saw “Something's Gotta Give” last night (after having the DVD sitting at the house for a week). What a fantastic movie. Diane Keating deserves an Oscar or something for her performance. The crying scene along was enough to justify any award. Strangely, I had this unusual urge to console Keanu after being dumped – I wonder what that was all about! Jack Nicolson sings at the end of the movie, so if you have the DVD, be sure to listen to the last song as the credits roll. He sings “La Vie En Rose” – very special 🙂

Also, watched Leaving Metropolis during the week. Also a good independent film, made in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) … a city that Chris and I have been to – not that I recognized any of the locations. Daniel (my ex) and I used to have this little dialogue where one woudl say “Luv Ya” and the other would reply “Mean It” – well this is throughout the movie, so it was kind of fun to see it in action once again 🙂 The two leads are quite cute, especially when they are naked – if you are into that sort of thing. I love the character of Shannon. As the Yahoo Movie DB states, the movie is “An erotic exploration of the fluid nature of sexuality and gender identity, LEAVING METROPOLIS features a scene-stealing performance by Thom Allison as David's transgendered, HIV-positive friend and roommate Shannon.”