Key West: Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next

Well we've been here two days now and I think everyone is having a good time.

We went to the movies last night.  It wasn't “50 First Dates” but “Mystic River.”  Not really a movie that I actually wanted to see, but it turned out to be okay … not brilliant.  Perhaps the thought of a funny movie was in my head, so a darker film was more difficult to enjoy.  Still the sky didn't fail us, and there was a nice lighting show in the distance that appeared over the projection area.

After the movie we walked back to the house via Duval Street, and toyed with the idea of visiting one of the bars, but decided that we would wait until tonight (Friday) to do that. When I got home, Jonas and Chris both gave me some very cute picture frames (a hint to put pictures in, perhaps) and we enjoyed some cake, that had been in the house since Wednesday night, but I hadn't seen — go figure.

Today, I relaxed.  Did some tanning on the deck and drank a lot.  Everyone had a good time – it seems – and we enjoyed burgers for lunch, and some tequila shots, margaritas and anything else that we could drink.  It was one of those afternoons 🙂

I also arranged for the boat trip tomorrow. We are going to see the dolphins and then spend some time snorkeling, and wading in water.  We are all going, so we have the boat to ourselves.  It sounds like fun, and works with our general rule on this trip – play it as it happens. The captain has advised that he is at our disposal for four hours, so we can do whatever we want – does anyone else think this is a dangerous thing to say to group of gay men?  It sounds fun, and I'm looking forward to it — an oddity for me, given my dislike for boats.

We ended the evening by eating at the Magnolia Cafe – pizza – which is part of the Bourbon Street Pub (one of the gay bars in town), and then a few hit the bars, while I and Ian wandered back to the house, to soak in the pool for a while.  Great way to end the day.