GOP Tactical Manipulations

Interesting news piece about the number of people who are leaving the Republican Party because of the large influence that the religious conservatives have in the White House, and the call on a federal marriage amendment. This story relates to a number of republicans who have been “uninvited” to the Republican Conventions in various states, along with the stance to deny members of the Log Cabin Republicans a place at the table. The story also references the conservative rights tactic of identifying who their “opponents” are so that campaigns can be targetted against these people in the upcoming election cycle.

The story suggests that the vote from the Arizona Senate was pushed so that the names of those that opposed the legislation (to support a federal marriage amendment) could be identified. It's funny (I think) how a positive to someone, is a negative to someone else (confirms the yin-yang belief). What needs to be remembered about this vote is that it also identifies who does support discrimination in the Arizona Senate (those that voted yes).